The Importance Of Mathematics Practices

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1) According to National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM, 2010) ascertained the standards for mathematical practices are divided into eight broad categories such as make sense of a problem to solve, reason abstractly/quantitatively, construct a viable argument/critique reasoning, model with mathematics, use appropriate tools, attend to precision, make use of structure, and express regularity in repeated reasoning. An NCTM practice empathizes on the importance of "processes and proficiencies" meaning educators outlines the essential features to construct an excellent mathematics program to effectively address students ' learning process. The mathematical educators assess their students ' maturity, qualification, and accurately perform computational procedures to demonstrate they are ready to move up to the next grade.
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An electronic tool to allow students complete their projects and develop a higher-level learning because computers allow educators to address individual learning needs. The second example based on my experience as novice educator, I am experienced with computer use most of my life and would like to integrate computer-use activities into my whole classroom, not individual. Nevertheless, technologies has various software tools to address individual needs such as various font styles for students with learning disability or closed captions for students whom are Deaf/hard-of-hearing which it meet digital technologies. GoTouch is a speech-to-text device to allow the nonverbal student to participate in class discussion and blackboard is also another way for students to participate in class discussion through

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