`` Dumb Animals `` By David Bailey For The Respect For Animals

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It seems discouraged to say that animals are dumb – since human beings is also a species of animals. Indeed, the word “dumb” in the title of the advertisement – “Dumb Animals”, screened by David Bailey for the Respect for Animals, was intentionally used to criticize human’s actions. This advertisement illustrates the problem with threatening dire consequences of wearing fur. Therefore, it has brought up a lot of discussions about fur trade in the 1980s in the British society. The goal of this non-profit organization is to urge people not to purchase fur coats.
The advertisement starts off with a short drumroll with lively and catchy background music, indicating an upcoming important event, which is a fur coat fashion show. Beautiful women start modelling on the catwalk on by one. The scene shows audience and models alternatively. Once the first model starts to walk, cameras of the reporters have not stopped flashing. Audience whistle and applaud as models walk in front of them, who are showing off the fur coat on their bodies seductively.
The scene transfers to multiple audience’s face, capturing their involuntary actions, like biting their lips with hungry eyes, and their eyes following every single movement of the models. The camera also consecutively shows female audiences’ jealousy, admiration and love towards the models wearing fur, with their eyes glued to every movement of the fur-coat model. Moreover, the scene captures one of the male audience expression of…

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