Essay on Dry September vs a Rose for Miss Emily

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There are societies filled with meddling and insensitive people, the towns in "A rose for Miss Emily" and "Dry September" are two such towns. The towns' duplicity is shown effectively as in both of the women's towns, the townspeople try to pry into their personal lives and also put on a facade of care and concern

Both Miss Emily and Miss Minnie are victims of the meddlesome townspeople. When a mysterious stench begins to surround Miss Emily's house, a group of men decide to take the matter into their own hands. "[The men] slunk about the house like burglars" and attempted to put out the smell without notifying Miss Emily as well as entering her property without permission. The men breaking and entering shows the extent that the
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The townspeople showed in "A Rose for Miss Emily" and "Dry September" also are an uncaring people, putting up a facade of worry and concern. In A Rose for Miss Emily, "the woman most out of curiosity, (went to see) the inside of (Miss Emily's) house" under the pretence of going out of respect for the deceased woman. Another instance in which the townspeople pretend to care about Miss Emily is when the people begin to comment "poor Emily" when it appears as if Homer Barron would not settle down with her and get married. Instead of a term of sympathy they people gossip about her with words such as "do you suppose it really is so" and using Emily as a source of entertainment. The incident in which Miss Emily purchases some poison is a clear example of the insensitivity of the town towards the needs of Miss Emily. "The next day (after Emily bought the poison), (the townspeople) said "[Emily] will kill herself." Furthermore the people begin to say that "it would [have] been the best thing." The fact that the townspeople think that Miss Emily should have killed herself shows the lack of care they have towards her. They feel that her life is worthless, nothing more than a source of gossip for the town.
A similar view towards Miss Minnie is shown in "Dry September" is shown. This is shown through the movie that Miss Minnie and her friends go too. Miss Minnie becomes hysterical and her friends "raised her and led her out...until the taxi came up and

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