Persuasive Essay On Drunk Driving

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Drunk Driving under the influence of alcohol is something people under the age 21, do while intoxicated with alcohol. Drunk driving can be very deadly. Yet many people drive while intoxicated everyday. Drivers who are drunk are blamed for the loss of as many as twenty-five thousand lives in highway crashes each year and hundreds of thousands of severe injuries. Everyday many lives are lost because of drunk driving or drunk drivers. “On June 1, 2000 in Miami, Florida, 16-year-old Helen Marie Witty – known as H.M. to her friends and family – decided to take advantage of the sunny afternoon and go rollerblading. She was on a designated bike path when she was hit and killed by a 17-year-old drunk driver. Helen Marie died instantly” (MADD) most …show more content…
Alcohol consumption has become very popular among teenagers in high school and young adults in college. Most high school students that drink alcohol do not know how harmful this substance can be to their health It is extremely simple for a teenager to find a way to get their hands on alcohol. To escape from reality teens will abuse alcohol, to dull the pains of everyday life or family troubles. Alcohol helps these kids feel oblivious to the pain or just relaxed out enough to not have to worry about their troubles. For many angry teenage kids, alcohol is the perfect drug of choice because it allows them to behave in a destructive mode. Even though it is illegal, it is available for their disposal through liquor cabinets at home or even older friends that buy it for them. Drinking alcohol is not something kids or teenagers should be allowed to drink just because they want to relax or have fun. Teenagers are more likely to be peer pressured into drinking alcohol because it is the “cool” thing people are doing. Drinking alcohol has serious effects on the human body and consuming too much will cause alcohol poisoning. Most underage drink occurs at college parties were binge drinking usually occurs. Binge drinking is the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short time of period, which usually leads to alcohol poisoning or even death. Binge drinking is a major problem with younger people in general, but more

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