Character Analysis: Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice can be divided into a 3 parts before drugs usage, during drugs usage and after drug usage. The first part involves the diarist moving to a new school, and having to leave her old life behind. She stresses how she really doesn't get along with her mom, explaining how they are always bickering with each other. The diarist is very concerned with her weight, to the point where she stops eating meals, and even considers making herself throw up to lose weight. She is also very concerned with boys and trying to make popular friends. She eventually makes friends with a nice Jewish girl, but she goes away over the summer for camp.
The diarist ends up going to her grandparents house for the summer and while she was over there she made
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The diarist's former friends harass her at school and threaten her and her family and even though she is trying to stay away from drugs, it doesn't seem to want to leave her alone. They eventually drug her against her will; she has a bad trip resulting in physical and mental damage, and is sent to a psychiatric hospital. There she bonds with a younger girl named Babbie, who has also been a drug addict and child prostitute. They bond a little bit but eventually the diarist is released from the hospital drug free. She is determined to make her life better. She now gets along better with her family, especially her mom , makes new friends, and is dating a boy names with Joel, a student from her father's college. She is worried about starting school again, but feels stronger with the support of her new friends and Joel. In an optimistic mood, the diarist decides to stop writing in a diary and instead discuss her problems and thoughts with other people.
The book ends by stating that the subject of the book died three weeks after the final entry. The diarist was found dead in her home by her parents when they returned from a movie. She died from a drug overdose, and it is uncertain what caused her to go back to

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