Ellen Foster Journal Entry

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I chose to write journal entries about the book Ellen Foster written by Kaye Gibbons. Each of the journal entries are written by Ellen showing her perspectives over different scenarios throughout the book. The first journal entry she writes is about her dad being an abusive father. She writes about how she is tired of being abused and she ends up finding another place to go. The second journal entry is saying how she was only able to stay at her Aunt's house for a short while until she had to go back to her father's house. When she gets back to her father's house she has hope that he has changed but she soon finds out he hasn’t and she gets abused again. When she is at school her teacher sees the bruises and she ends up living with Miss Julia, which is what she explains in her third journal entry. In the fourth journal entry she says how sad she is because she found out her …show more content…
I wish I didn’t have to leave but I do because of what happened today. Today grandma went to court and got custody of me. She claimed that I would be better off living with her as she is my family, and they listened to her. The court doesn’t care what I think and never considered what was best for me. I am sad to leave Miss Julia’s house. I just hope to have a good enough experience at grandmas house now. I am really worried.

Journal Five:

So far the time I have spent at grandmas house isn’t fun. Everyday she makes me go out into the fields and work. I am tired of always working for her and just want to have fun for once. When I am inside she just tells me that I am exactly like dad and that I am going to be just like him. It makes me both sad and scared to know I am going to be like him because I know how awful of a person he is. Anyways, on the bright side I made a new friend working in the fields. His name is Mavis, he is a kind man and he at least makes working in the fields a little more bearable.


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