Essay on Drug Use By High School Students

1044 Words Oct 4th, 2016 5 Pages
Dangerous drugs can and are serious problems in our society, it has a multitude of devastating ramifications. Drugs such as, heroin and cocaine has reached communities all across this nation and the effects of these drugs has touched all walks of life. These drugs used by high school students can be particularly devastating because of their youth. The effects of drug use by these students can have short term effects but in many cases the effects are long term. The many effects cause by heroin and other dangerous drugs used by high school student, such as addiction, dropping out of school, and family turmoil. Many high school students using dangerous drugs, lack the foresight to understand that these drugs have devastating consequences such as addiction and failure. Addiction is one of the many harmful effects caused by drug use among high school students. The addiction rate among high school students using heroin is increasing at an alarming rate. High school students usually don’t see the addiction monster coming because they usually start off by using drugs recreationally and for so called fun. This is usually how the slippery slope of addiction begins. Recreational use with friends and or with other high school students start out being fun and ultimately slips into addiction. The use of heroin and other harmful drugs starts to increase without the student paying close attention to his or her increased drug use. As the recreational use becomes more and more…

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