Student Athletes Drug Testing

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Should junior high and high schools have drug tests for student athletes? Junior high and high schools should have drug tests for student athletes. Drug abuse is taking a real toll on young adults today. The drugs can also intervene with the student at practice or a game. These tests would be a way to let the coaches and parents know what's going on in the child's life. You can also possibly persuade the child to stop doing the drugs, so he/she can be on the team. Children are getting abused by these drugs and they are taking a real toll on young adults today. As a result, most teens try drugs because of peer pressure. These young adults can be pressured to use drugs as early as the age of thirteen. For instance, statics show that …show more content…
At this age children seem to not to listen to their parents. They also think they're parent's opinions doesn't matter, so why not get an opinion from someone you're also close to, your coach? Furthermore, a coaches relationship with the athlete is the most important part in playing a sport. Coaches can give a child the lift or spirit that they need, so that they can believe that they can do it. In addition, parents might not to be able to understand, but coaches can have that inspiring impact because they could have went through with the same thing that the athlete is going through.
Disagreeing, drug test can be really expensive for most schools, when those funds can go on something else. Since the schools are already paying for the athletes transportation, uniforms, and etc. they might not want to continue spending money on athletes. Even so, the students can cheat at the test, switching their urine with someone else's. This can cause a lot of confusion, while wasting money and time. Moreover, if you tell a child they can't be on the team for doing drugs, that gives them more free time where they can use drugs even

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