Should Pro Athletes Be Drug Tested Essay

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Should pro athletes be drug tested?
Many athletes are drug tested each year, If they decide not to do drugs

and pass or they decide to do them and fail is all up to the athlete. Almost

every athletic team or company drug tests. It is a big part in sports behind

the scenes. You hear on the news about how a big time athlete is under

questioning about a drug scandal they were involved in or knew about.

Many people involved in drug scandals have tarnished their careers and

the name of the sport they played. Some of these athletes include, Barry

Bonds, Jose Canseco, Marion Jones, Andre Agassi, Floyd Landis, Hope

Solo and Lance Armstrong. Many of these athletes have been with the

controversy of doping in professional
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Why do athletes do drugs? Athletes take steroids to get them to an

advantage but it can have long term effects on their health. How do the

athletes get caught? Athletes can be called in for a drug test at any time, in

or out of competition. “ During competitions, some sports only carry out

drug testing on the winning team or top three competitors. Others will test

by random selection from all competitors.” ("Drug Testing in Sport." Drug Testing in Sport. Web. 26 Apr. 2016.)

How do they drug test? Things such as blood testing and urine samples

are used as a drug test. After an athlete is tested, the sample is shipped to

WADA (World Anti- Doping Agency) to be checked. The chaperone for

the sample is responsible for making sure the sample arrives in a timely

manner and is secure during transport. It may take two or more days to for

the lab to get the samples, test them, then return them. The lab reports are

Sent back to the athletic director or person (or agency) that requested the

test. Almost every week an athlete is suspended for using a recreational

drug. Fox sports says “It seems to be a leftover policy of the nation’s

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