Essay On Dropout Age To 18

Dropout age should be raised to 18, giving students an opportunity for a fundamental future. The essentials of students not dropping out until the age of 18 gives students opportunity to graduate pushing for a superior future. Dropping out of school, students will earn less salary versus a salary earned with a high school diploma. Which will also make that person unhappier for the reason of all of the money that is earned goes towards bills and none to treat themselves. If the dropout age is raised to 18, high school graduation rate increases. Students who have dropped out typically have regret for their choices, to avoid their regrets students buckle down and achieve their goals. With the right resources and accountability partners, students are on the right track to graduate. Students who drop out of high school before the age of …show more content…
Most students are going to be in their senior year, if the government raises the dropout age to 18, students are going to be close not to graduate. “Massachusetts is the latest state to consider raising the dropout age for students to 18 in an effort to improve graduation rates” (Lu). Teens are forced to be in school which may help them to stay out of trouble for some, to help maintain their focus on graduating and future goals. There are some people who will oppose, keeping students in school who do not want to be may act out trying to get suspended from school. Once the student turns 18, he or she will drop out anyway, not waiting just a few more months. There are some students who had to repeat grade levels, when finally 18 he or she are not in their senior year, so dropping out is still going to be an option. For some people raising the dropout age to 18 is not going to make a difference, students who does not want to be in school are not going to attend

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