Drones Ethics

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Perhaps drone use is an invasion of privacy. For some who have experienced how it feels to be violated firsthand by a drone, it is an invasion of privacy, it can be violating, to an extent. Drones can be good and bad. Drones are vital in search and rescue as well as combating terrorism. Which side are you on?

Military personnel as well as law enforcement praise the use of drones when it comes to fighting terrorism and crime. There are many successful outcomes in the use of drones here and overseas. Take for instance, a top Al Qeda leader that was killed by a drone attack in the Zabul Province of Afghanistan in February of this year, Madul Mohammad Ali. When it comes to law enforcement, drones are highly effective when locating lost children, tracking down suspects, helping during traffic accidents and keeping large crowds at bay. They also
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That is a negative. There are other cultures that look at drones as an easy way out rather than brave. Non-supporters believe drones are somewhat unethical and even counter-productive but that is not always the case. The AUVSI report states that the industry could possibly create around 100,000 or more jobs from 2015-2025. There will be a need for the builders, the maintenance workers, the workers that monitor the drones and the workers that will make the controllers that control the drones. The drone industry will essentially create more jobs, not take away jobs. There seems to be such a stigma when it comes to drones and drone use. Educating the public on the use of drones is the key to lifting the stigma. The more one is educated and has knowledge on a certain subject or tool, the less afraid one might be. Drones are still the fear of the unknown. The fear of the unknown is always a scary thing. Drones are not so scary. Drones need to be given a chance to be seen in a more positive light than they are being

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