Should Dress Codes Be Allowed In Schools

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The debate on whether schools should either adopt dress codes or not has become a popular trend amongst schools, parents, and students. Although quite a substantial number of students including some parents do not agree with dress code enforcements stating that it would restrict their right to self-expression, the benefits of having such a dress code greatly outweigh the few negative aspects. Perhaps more importantly, the core reason students attend learning institutions is to learn, and it is true that dress codes do not restrict learning whatsoever. Dress codes will restrict what each student choses to wear through such a limitation, but it will also instill a respectful behavior, individual discipline, and prepare the students towards the outside world. Such factors are crucial for a holistic development of students alongside having proper education towards a successful future. Dress codes violate self-expression in a way, but most importantly, it will ensure a more conducive learning environment, duly prepare students for a successful future, …show more content…
Therefore, having a dress code will greatly eliminate such social segregation through ensuring that all students put on similar apparels that are appropriate for the learning environment. Through such a measure, students will not have to worry about fitting into a different life and thus they will concentrate on the core reason they are in school, learning. Having a dress code will ensure that every single student is equal at least in regards to what they wear even though they have different social backgrounds. Moreover, it would be impossible to determine the differences with students having the same uniform. This would greatly support equality and thereby eliminate social segregation and the possibility of bullying in

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