Importance Of Dress Code For Teachers

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School Dress Codes for Teachers

All teachers know what it means to “dress appropriately” or to “dress professionally”-- or do they? Over the years, students are dressing less conservatively as well as more casually, and teachers are following suit. One day while visiting my daughter’s school to assist with a classroom function, I happened upon a woman who was bending over picking up some boxes. The skirt she was wearing was so short, I could see her underwear. Feelings of embarrassment paralyzed me for a moment, and then I quickly ran and began to help her with the task so that she could stand up more quickly. Upon standing, she graciously thanked me and introduced herself as the new music teacher. It was then that I quickly noticed
…show more content… did a survey in which 93% of executives reported that they believe an employee’s style of dress at work influences his or her work performance and increases an employee’s chance of promotion. Companies with dress codes are perceived as being more professional in the eyes of their clients. While, this may not necessarily be true, the perception is which bids well for the image of the company. If teachers want to be seen as professionals, then they must dress as professionals- not just some of the teachers, but all of the teachers. Defining a dress code policy solves the dilemma of each person having to determine what professional means as the parameters of what is appropriate to wear are laid out for …show more content…
Having a dress code would help the students see the teachers as professionals rather than look at them as potential peers. When a teacher dresses “down”, students see them more as a peer than as a role model. When I was in high school, two my teachers were eventually fired for dating members of the student body. Both of the teachers were young, good looking, and wore tight blue jeans and T-Shirts to school daily. To look at them, you really would not have known that they were teachers, because they dressed so casually they blended in with the students. In those situations, the administration stepped in, and the administration must hold teacher accountable for following the dress code and define sanctions for those who violate the code.
Adhering to a dress code promotes a positive example to the students and shows unity amongst the teaching staff. As all of the teachers come dressed in modest, clean clothing and their hair is appropriately groomed and they aren’t covered with tattoo’s and piercings, new role models will emerge for the students in the classroom, at school dances, and at after school activities. Additionally, as the teachers adhere to a dress code, students will perceive a unity amongst the teaching staff, which will in turn create a greater unity amongst the student

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