Dress Codes And Schools Should Not Have A Dress Code Essay

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What bad or good can dress codes in schools really be? I’m sure most people agree that schools is one of the most important things in life. What happens when schools want to put their rules a little over the board? For twelve years all I knew about schools was about dress code and uniforms and I always asked myself if dress codes can really change a student. Public schools should not have a dress code because it does not decrease attendance, affect academic results, or cause a major distraction. I’m sure most people agree that students need a good attendance in order to do good in school. The question is how can dress code change that attitude of a student towards going to class or not? If a student is going to miss school they will their way, not matter what uniform/dress code they are wearing. There is no proof that states that those schools with dress codes have a better attendance level. Students have the responsibility to go to school but if they don 't want to attend, nothing will change their mind. Every morning, students have the choice to go to class or not and uniforms are does not influence that decision. Another major point is how student with a dress code do academically. A research made in the article “Effects of students uniforms on attendance, behavior problems, substance use, and academic achievement”, show how student with uniforms did not perform better than students without uniform. There is no proof that state that a student will study more for an…

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