Essay on Dress Codes And School Dress Code

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School Dress Code Enforcements Are Harsh

The debate over dress codes in schools has been going on for years and is still widely debated and talked about throughout the education systems. Both sides of the argument has its many supporters and also those who are against. There are additionally multiple pros and cons depending on what side you are looking at. Dress code violations in school are sometimes handled not well. The dress codes some schools have are harshly enforced towards the students. I believe that the enforcement over dress codes are harsh because the schools do not know how to properly handle the situations. The problem with the enforcement over school dress code can be less harsh if sexism is taken away, school uniforms are brought in, or by having the schools handle the situations better.
Sexism plays a tremendous rule throughout the harsh dress code systems in schools. It seems that multiple girls are the ones being victimized by dress code violations during school time. A reporter from The Atlantic addressed, “I’ve never seen a boy called out for his attire even though they also break the rules.” ( Zhou, 2015, para. 1) How many cases have you saw where a boy is being told that what he is wearing is not allowed? You probably have not heard of very many. Guys wear clothing that violates the school dress code rules as well, but seem to never be told what they are wearing is wrong. They wear their pants hanging low and tank tops showing shoulders where girls…

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