Dreaming : The Sleep Cycle Essay examples

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Every living mammal dreams while sleeping. It is something the mind does without one realizing it. On average, one usually spends 122 days out of the year sleeping. Each night one has anywhere from five to seven dreams, that is 610 to 854 dreams per year. Dreams are typically a fantasy that one has about the possibility of doing something or of that something while asleep. Dreaming allows the mind to relax and explore ones deepest thoughts and feelings. Each dream is specifically unique to his or her own mind which shows individuality to each dream. Dreaming allows for a safe place for the subconscious to inhabit during the dreams so it can work through the problems that is challenging him or her. However, dreaming is important to many other areas such as; understanding the sleep stages, dreaming can contribute to discovering sleep disorders, emotional problems carried out through dreaming, and dreaming can predict how ones subconscious is feeling.
The Sleep Cycle
Dreaming allows researchers a better understanding the sleep cycle and how it plays its role on the brain while at rest. The sleep cycle is a five-stage cycle that one enters and then reenters around three to five times per night. The full cycle can average around 90 to 110 minutes to complete all five stages. During stage one, the muscles in the body begin to slow and the eyes begin to cease movement. When one is first entering stage one they can be awaken easily if need be. In stage two the brain creates…

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