Draft A Grand Strategy Or Foreign Policy? Essay

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What does one need to draft a grand strategy or foreign policy? Besides the obvious military and economic resources, information has always been one of the primary mechanisms that help the president and his staff to deliberate their decisions that will turn into actions later. Bakich’s work provided a detailed review on the key components of American grand strategy: the gathering and processing of information on an institutional level, which serve the purpose to assist the government to constructing American statecraft (Bakich, Pg4). As Brands also specified in his book, in order to create an effective grand strategy, the American government has to understand its own status in the environment as well as its enemies’. Moreover, Bakich suggests that, this evaluation is only valid and useful when the American government is able to equip itself with the right type of information (Bakich, Pg27). The information that the American government has collected, engage them to coordinate its military and diplomatic endeavors accordingly.

While the president and his administration are committed to work together, one cannot forget that the information institutions also play a major role in terms of influencing the executive policy makers’ decisions. After all, the president and his staff are not the sole responsible figures that execute strategies; plus, the main function of these information institutions is to supply the imperative material that statesmen need, to generate ideas and…

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