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Throughout her book, O’Leary aims to show how and why government employees are motivated to take the guerrilla government route, sometimes for good reason, other times not so good. O’Leary accounts several guerrilla government stories. Here are summaries of two stories I will discuss.
The first story is about guerrilla government in the medical field. An administrative director of the department of surgery, along with two doctors in a large medical school shared ill feelings concerning the way Dr. Wood treats his patients; specifically his mentally handicapped patients. The two doctors decided to express their feelings to the chair of the department in hopes of him looking into the matter and taking action. Instead, they got a firm no, and wanted to put an end to any negative conversations concerning Dr. Wood’s performance.
One evening the administrative assistant and the doctors discussed how they would go over their boss’ head and continue to find any valuable information that would prove malpractice. The administrative assistant decided to lead and obtain Dr. Wood’s patients’ records. Although it took a year’s time to gather all necessary documents, Dr. Wood was fired. Ethically speaking, the employees believed that were “doing the right thing” by protecting patients’ lives, despite not following their boss’s orders. In their defense, they weighed out the available options, and did what needed to be done to save lives. At the time, taking the guerrilla government route…

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