The Pros And Cons Of Embryo

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What is an embryo? As far as human being goes it is a fertilized egg, an organism that cannot survive on its own. The embryo becomes a fetus only after the eighth week of pregnancy. There are animal and plant embryos too. Why is it sometimes necessary to freeze human embryos? In many cases where couples are unable to conceive after going through extensive fertility treatments resort to In vitro fertilization or the implanting of the embryo to the receiver who is the mother or a surrogate mother. The mother or the receiver goes through controlled “superovulation” techniques to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs. When multiple eggs are produced there are multiple chances of having embryos or the fertilized eggs, bringing the possibility of conception to a much higher level. During this course of in vitro fertilization the receiver may be unable to go through the full procedure due to various reasons, and then the couple may resort to freezing the embryo for later use. There various other factors too. Embryos are donated to infertile women and for research purposes too. These embryos are frozen till they are used.
Embryos are collected and fertilized and implanted in the recipient. The first such implant was performed 25 years ago, since then millions of children
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It high lights the problems and risks of this technology in a very detailed and step by step manner. After reading this article even a lay person gets to understand the advantage and the problems facing the couple going through this treatment. There is another article too called WHAT FACTORS ARE IMPORTANT FOR SUCCESSFUL EMBRYO TRENSFER AFTER IN-VITRO FERTILIZATION is another article that gives a good in sight to this technology and its evolution. This article very good to but it is not the latest publication but a good reading

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