Embryonic Arguments

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Can a cure be found by using three to five day old embryos? Stem cell research has been going through a debate for the past decade whether it’s ethically or unethically to be using Embryonic Stem cells. Some groups seem to think embryonic should be used to lives and other seem believe they should be laid to rest. Scientists are working round the clock to progress the lives of people, experimenting with different types drugs in order to do so. However, they are also using organic materials as well. The discoveries that have been invented had rocked the scientific world and acknowledge what scientists believe to be a way to cure numerous diseases, were believed to be incurable. If stem cell research advance and become successfully used in medical practices, scientists believe that stem cells could be radical change in treatment of diseases. However, a large amount of differences had occurred, particularly within the religious community,the church system believe stem …show more content…
According to the Christian community, embryos are the feeble humans of all and shouldn’t be used for the benefits of a full-bodied human. In contrast, the Jewish association believes that the life of a mother is worth more than the life of the her fetus and even if the embryo isn’t developed enough it shouldn’t have a soul. According to the Islamic law, in vitro is an acceptable form of infertility treatment. However, because surrogacy for all the extra embryos they must be either discarded or be donated for research. Because the use of such embryos is preferable to be wasting them, embryonic stem cell research is permissible under the Islamic law. However, the most frequently heard religious point of view in the U.S is that of Christians, who believe that life begins at conception and therefore that embryos are human beings with full moral status who deserve all the rights like any other

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