Personal Story : Infertility Is Not Failure Essay

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“I felt betrayed by my body, like less of a woman for being unable to do what it was designed to do. And I couldn’t believe I was really here, really in this place. We were at the end of the line in options to have a biological child” (Gregg 1). Some people or couples are unable to conceive their own child; for some it can be a huge setback in their lives. In the article, “Personal Story: Infertility Is Not Failure,” Holly Gregg explains how for three years she and her husband tired to have a child. They were faced with the reality that they could not have children. The only way they were going to have a child was through in vitro fertilization. Some people view in vitro fertilization as unethical and wrong for couples who are infertile, but it is not wrong for a couple to want their own biological child; in vitro fertilization is the most logical choice to infertility.
Many couples are infertile and are unable to conceive their own child. Infertility can be the result of many different problems. However, there are many different solutions to the infertility problems. Women can maintain an uneven hormone balance. If there is an uneven hormone balance, then eggs cannot be created correctly. Problems in the ovulation process can occur where a woman’s body destroys the eggs she has created, or there can be cases where a woman’s fallopian tubes are dysfunctional. Surgery can cause a woman to be infertile. A woman can also have endometriosis, which causes tissue to grow in…

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