Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg 's Views On Morality Development And Behavior Development

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Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg is best known for his dissertation for his masters where he observed the differences in morality in children during their developing years. This was a sharp contrast to Cognitive development and Behavior development, which were the popular sciences of the time amongst Psychologists. His experiments and observations, however, would help fill in missing gaps in previous theories, and open up a whole new field of study.
Lawrence Kohlberg was born on October 25, 1927 in New York. His father was a Jewish immigrant and his mother was an American Protestant. From age four to fourteen his parents were separated until they finally divorced in 1944. Despite this, he attended a well-respected High School, The Phillip’s Academy in Massachusetts. (Crain) After graduating high school he joined the Navy’s Merchant Marines Corp to help fight during World War II. The groups were apart of the Navy’s Auxiliary and were civilians working on private ships that transported needed materials for the war effort. He was an engineer on a freighter. During his service, Kohlberg also aided hundreds of Jewish refuges escape Europe to Pakistan. (Crain) When he returned he attended the University of Chicago and earned his Bachelors in just one year. He continued his education there and earned his Masters in Clinical Psychology. Motivated by Piaget’s theories, He then earned his Masters in 1958. (Beauchamp) Kohlberg disappeared when he was fifty-nine years old from a local…

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