Dr. Clayton Mork From The Crescent School District Essay example

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The following information was gathered during a discussion with Dr. Clayton Mork from the Crescent School District. He shared how his knowledge of special eduction and English language learning curriculums and instructional practices has impacted his instructional leadership at Crescent School. Following the discussion, I contemplated what impact the discussion had on my personal work as an educational leader with regards to students in the special education and English language learning programs.
Knowledge of Special Education Curriculum and Instruction During my conversation with Dr. Mork he expressed that his experience of working as a Director of Special Education for approximately ten years while in another district has a great impact on his knowledge of special education. Although Dr. Mork does not have any specific classroom experience as a special-education educator, Dr. Mark shared he learned the specific language and terms that special-education staff use, the laws that are related to the Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA) and how to work with families during challenging times. Dr. Mork expressed that he did not have specific knowledge of the curriculum being used within the special education programs when he began. However, as he had additional time in the field, he acquired the knowledge of what curriculum should be purchased and learned about programs when the teaching staff made requests. He became more aware of the programs being used…

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