Dorothea Orem Self-Care Deficit Theory Essays

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Orem Theory Assessment

Tricia Burr

Elms College

Elms College: Division of Nursing
Theory Assessment Assignment
N: 285

Theorist: _____Dorothea Orem______________________________________

Theory: ______Self-Care Deficit Theory _______________________________

|Credentials |Basic degrees – Diploma from Providence Hospital School of Nursing in Washington DC in 1934; BSN Ed from |
|Of author |Catholic University of America in 1939 (Hartweg & Fleck, 2010, pp. 121-145) |
| |Highest degree - MSN Ed from Catholic University in 1946; (Hartweg & Fleck, 2010, pp. 121-145) |
| |Contributions to nursing –
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| |The self-care agent must have enough stamina to adequately continue and sustain the self-care process. |
| |The capability to start and complete the operations of self-care by means of using movement and |
| |proprioception. |
| |Capacity to cognitively understand what is needed for self-care. |
| |Motivation to perform self-care |
| |Appropriate decision-making skills regarding self-care an eventual outcomes. |
| |Self-care agent must have the ability to gain appropriate knowledge regarding their needed care and the |
| |ability to put into practice. |
| |The individual must also exhibit a range of skills that will allow for the enactment of their self-care |
| |including sufficient cognitive ability, appropriate understanding, communicative aptitude, the capacity to |
| |control actions and

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