Doritos, Big Market, Bold Chip Essay

3555 Words May 10th, 2015 15 Pages
Doritos, big market, bold chip
Caleb Fisher
Prince Georges Community College

This paper discusses the marketing strategies of a Frito- lay owned company, Doritos and how it has dominated the chip industry. It will cover all facets and techniques used by the company to communicate effectively to its market. Doritos, big Market, Bold Chip In today’s society marketing has become a most essential part of a business. More and more the consumer is captivated by the fancy packaging, and social media platforms. This makes it a challenge for companies to produce products that differ from their competitors. But, Doritos Chip Company has learned a most innovative way to include both of these into successful marketing strategies. With the use of target segmentation, positioning, and participatory marketing techniques Doritos a Frito- Lay owned company dominates the chip industry. Target segmentation is used in every company; it is used to break down large groups, dividing them into categories. Doritos Company has done this to figure out away to combine three types of segmentation into action. The first is demographic segmentation, which divides groups in to gender, family size, and income level, just to name a few. Now this company’s product doesn’t just appeal to juveniles or adolescence, their ideal demographic are from 16 – 30 years of age. People in this age range accounts for more than 50% of the population purchasing in small grocery stores and other…

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