Dora Essay

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Sigmund Freud’s, Dora
The case analysis written by Sigmund Freud, his patient; Dora, goes through different levels of mental sickness. Throughout the case study Dora reveals her issues that lie within her family. Through the case study, Sigmund Freud who is chosen to diagnose Dora’s symptoms reveals his own hypothesis. Within the narrative Dora’s dream, exemplifies causation and motif in order to shed light on the way Dora views herself within her family. Symbolism and dream analysis portrays the various ways the emotions are impacting Dora and her family.
Within the case study, the relationship between Dora and her mother is evident within her dream; “I don’t know. I don’t in the least know how Mother comes into the dream; she was
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He explains that the motif that was used symbolizes Dora’s innocence and how she has an infatuation with her father and Herr K. Therefore, having this jewel-case be offered to Herr K within her dream, has allowed some insight into how she really feels about Herr K and his admiration to her. Also, having this particular motif of the jewel case has shed light onto the psychoanalysis of Dora. Having not to clearly agree with what Freud interpreted; “I knew you would say that.” (Freud, 61). Knowing what Freud would have said, she clearly had time to think her own dreams through. By having to disagree with him, Dora redirects her emotions and turns them around. Instead of interpretating these the right way, she redirects her emotions to hatred, and distance, that ultimately her family feels. Furthermore, Freud believes that by re-attaching her feelings to these dreams, will re-attach herself to the people who impacted her life that ultimately led to these dreams. Therefore, by using symbolism throughout the motif we are able to see Dora, and how she views society as a whole by her own ways of re-attachment. In conclusion, symbolism through the motif of the jewel-case through Dora’s interpretation of her dream portrays a young woman who has re-attached her feelings towards blame, and has also subjected herself to her own interpretations of

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