Essay about Dora, Boots And The Monkey

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Dora the Explorer is a very popular tv show directed to children from the ages 2-5 years old. This tv show is an interactive cartoon for preschoolers around the world, which encourages children to join along in the adventure. In every single episode Dora, Boots and the monkey ask for help to overcome obstacles on their way to their main goal or task in the show. Children are able to learn lots of knowledge throughout each episode, that could help them grow. In each episode of Dora the Explorer it starts off with setting up a problem that needs to be solved and while trying to reach their goal they always run into a problem that the children are capable of trying to fix. There are many positive outcomes in this tv show that help students grow and become intellegent. To begin Dora is extemely interactive with her viewers, this helps the children feel like they are involved in the show. While the children feel like they are really involved with the show helps them really try and figure out the problems they are trying to solve. This is easily related to cognotive resources, the speed and capacity of processing information. I believe this because when the students are trying to help solve the problem it’s influencing the child to memory and problem solving skills. Another positive income is the use of different language in Dora and not just speaking English. While watching the tv show Dora speaks spanish here and there and helps the children learn some of the words she says.…

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