Persuasive Essay On Donald Trump

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On June 16, 2015 Donald Trump announces himself as a candidate of becoming the next president of the year 2016. Donald Trump has been on the eye from many News cast in the past few months, the most common issue that Trump has caught the U.S. is deporting illegal immigrants that includes American Citizens’ that have been in the U.S. for many years yet consider an immigrant. Also, Rumor has it that trump is deporting up to 1 million illegal immigrants; if he is elected as president in the year 2016.
What’s In Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan and How It Could Affect the GOP Drafted by Asma Khalid for NPR this article states from what Donald Trump discussed on August 17. This article mentions that Donald Trump believes that Mexicans are rapists
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They blame the media for twisting their words about Mexicans; he tried to criticize U.S. immigration policies not Mexicans. In the article, Trump quoted “I have many successful business relationships with Mexican companies and employ, and am close friends with, many Mexican people. I also have tremendous respect for the leaders of Mexico, who frankly, are much smarter and tougher than our politicians here in the United States.” His beliefs is that he has no problem by having Mexican voters since he assumes they love …show more content…
Also, Trump is trying to change President Obama’s executive order which offered those who arrived in the U.S. as illegal children. Trump published his Immigration reform policy with other personal information. Flames back fired from Mexicans when they heard about the policy of being deported. Trump received criticism from his own party, while having thousands supporters for him to become

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