Essay on Don 't Not A Healthy Feeling

1498 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
Hey Jay... I want to start off by saying that I miss you very very much as well. I 'm sure your saying whatever right now because I haven 't been answering all of your calls, but just know that it wasn 't intentional. After reading your letter, a weird feeling took over me and I became numb. I don 't know what I should think or how I should feel about the things you said. I feel extremely uncomfortable knowing that you can 't see danger coming, and people are getting hurt regularly. I want you to try your best to observe your surroundings and stay safe; out of harms way. Especially, in these dangerous circumstances; remember to never forget where you are. You expressed to me that it doesn 't feel like you 're in jail. I don 't know why you feel that way, but I have a sense that isn 't a healthy feeling to have. On another note, I also think of you all the time. You in jail does bother me, especially since I barely talk to you at all now. It may seem as though I hate you because you never get tired of giving me reasons to hate you, but I truly don 't. I tell you the truth, and the truth is that I love you. However, your constant poor decisions leave me with extremely severe trust issues. You don 't have to keep apologizing for hurting me. I 'm trying to be positive and not reflect on negative aspects, that I have no control over anymore.
I honestly believed you would have been able to end your playboy ways, until I realized you continued to have relationships…

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