A Narrative Of The Life Of J. H. Banks, An Escaped Slave

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African American slavery became a historical account during the early 17th century to the mid 1860s. According to Steven Mintz’s article: “ Facts about the slave trade and slavery” reports approximately 11,863,000 African were sold across the Atlantic, and some of them are dying from the disease on the voyage that reduced the rate of slavery arrival in the US. Nevertheless, the population of slave was constantly increasing to 10.8 million. With the huge amount of the population working for “free” imported to America, many white men become the slaveholder. The African becoming the slave that helps them work on the farm.Therefore, slaves are live in the society with no human right, no freedom, and treated as “animal” by the brutal owner.

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J.W.C. Pennington was an example of escaped slaves. He was an African-American slave in western Maryland and escaped when he was 19. Later on he was educated in the church and become a writer to call on the abolishing enslave act. In his narrative story “A Narrative of the Events of the Life of J.H. Banks, an Escaped Slave, from the Cotton State, Alabama, in America(1861)” tell the reader how “nefarious” slave trade process and the messy living condition in Trader’s gaol when he was involved in the slave trade. From the third and four paragraphs, his sentence was strongly imagined the condition of the gaol, he said “ This tavern was frequented by no traveler, no boarder, except those who were engaged in the nefarious slave trade. Even planters who come to the yard to purchase slaves do not stop there; but only come at certain hours to pass into the yard, and look at the supply of slaves.” From his description, I can imagine how bad the situation in the gaol. Group of the slaves was locked in a tiny place and waiting for people to buy them. Also their daily life and activity was restricted by the slave trader which made them completely no freedom. Therefore, slave trader was described as inhumane and …show more content…
Slavery are not only learn to be loyal to their master also they can be loyal to their religion. Somehow there’s a relationship between the christian and catholic church with slavery. The church appears in the 19th century, as the northern states gradually began to abolish slavery and the south was on experiences of enslaved people. The southern black people will not allow to attend the church activity in the public and needed to separate from the white man. The reason why masters didn 't want their slaves was involved the Christian church because in the bible, the interpret of Jesus was favored to equate. When the slavery was involved in the church, they can learn to learn and destroy the loyalty to the master. On the other side, the north black people have more freedom to join the church activity. Black men, women,and children altogether priding in the church and pastor reading the bible to the people in which called the “Black

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