Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl, By Harriet Ann Jacobs

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The Impact of Slavery

Slavery in the United Sates began in 1619. Participating in the salve trade was a way to increase the wealth of a nation. Most African American families were born into slavery as children. Families were separated more often than not. Women had many encounters with sexual abuse and losing their children. During the Antebellum Period, many slaves would escape to the North for their freedom. Something about the authors
Fredrick Douglass was born in 1817 or 1818. Similar to most salves, he started as a young boy. Douglass never knew his father and only saw his mother a few times. Fredrick didn’t know that all of his experiences were abnormal. He was a house servant in Baltimore. He was taught to read and write while enslaved. Fredrick escaped slavery in 1938 and moved to New York City. Even after he was free, he couldn’t stop thinking about all of the other slaves. “He argued that if one slave
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In Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Harriett is torn between wanting to escape and wanting to save her children. She had a strong desire to voice her experiences. Harriett struggled with sexual abuse and the loss of her children throughout her time as a slave. Dr. Flint would go out of his way to have sexual relations with her. She came up with a plan to be free of her cruel master. Harriet decided she would get pregnant by Dr. Sands and Dr. Flint would sell her. It didn’t go as planned, though. He used the unborn child against her. “Dr. Flint continued his visits, to look after my health; and he did not fail to remind me that my child was an addition to his stock of slaves.” Although she escaped, she never gave up on her children. Dr. Flint kept the children by his side in hopes she would return for them. She eventually gained her freedom, and strived to prove there was nothing “good” about

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