Essay On Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl

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The Most Vial Man
In her narrative, “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl”, written by Harriet Jacob whom documented her horrific and abusive life as a slave. The evil wrath of slavery revealed itself when Jacobs reached the age of twelve. In order for Jacobs to write this story, she kept her identity a secret by using the pen name “Linda Brent.” Jacobs focused her narrative on the abuses of slavery but specifically, about her owner’s father, Dr. Flint whom abused Jacobs mentally, physically and sexually. Dr. Flint was the most vicious antagonist in the “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” because Dr. Flint harassed Jacobs constantly causing him to be attentive to her actions which, later causes issues in the relationships Flint
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Flint was described as a fierce man who observes his slaves actions very closely and always gives a punishment to a slave when they make the slightest of error. An example of his controlling nature was his treatment towards the cook. The cook of the Flint household was “never sent to the dinner table without fear and trembling” (421). If Doctor Flint did not enjoy a dish prepared by the cook he would “either order her to be whipped or compel her to eat of [the dish] in his presence”, (421). Jacobs utilizes imagery to illustrate how Doctor Flint constantly manages to strike fear in the hearts of his slaves by causing physical harm to them when something is not prepared to his liking. These abhorrent actions showed Dr. Flint’s tyranny by his demanding for a slave to be harmed when he does not get his way, hence, making Dr. Flint a …show more content…
Flint’s carnal abuse. According to Jacobs her “master [Dr. Flint], to [her] knowledge, [was] the father to eleven slaves,”(443). The mothers of the eleven slaves claimed Dr. Flint as the father of those eleven slave children because the mothers “know too well the terrible consequences” (443-444). Dr. Flint enforced his influence and power as a slave owner to oppress his “victims” who were forced to keep silent about being raped by Dr. Flint, therefore, making him a tyrant. Consequently, these actions to a great toll on Mrs. Flint causing her to be depressed and angry about the sexual actions Dr. Flint had encountered with his female slaves creating “quarrels between the doctor and his wife”. These “quarrels” lead to the doctor’s decisions of taking his four-year-old daughter “to sleep in his apartment” (441) in order to distance her from the rage with in the Flint household. Dr. Flint deteriorates the happiness of family with in his own household because he spends time deteriorating and violating the families of slaves making him a destructive person, therefore, a

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