Benedict Arnold Essay

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There were many more jobs than I expected to find during this period. Some of the jobs I have never even heard of before, or had other names for trades than we do today, such as the milliner was basically a tailor. Unlike the tailor, however, the milliner was selling accessories as well as clothes but didn’t sell any fabric to customers. Being a cooper meant that you would be making barrel containers ranging in various sizes and tightness of wood to hold things ranging from liquids to flour. The barrels they crafted look very similar to the wine barrels we use today to ferment wine. I didn’t think that there was a trade dedicated solely to making wheels, as I would have imagined the blacksmith would be responsible for making all the wheels. …show more content…
Benedict Arnold was a great soldier and strategist. He did many great things to lift the oppression of Britain off of the world. He is not remembered for all his great deeds for the colonies though, he is remembered mostly for his betrayal. He was very angry about missing promotions and decided to help the British Empire again. Arnold planned to lose West Point to the British for the price of 20,000 pounds. Fortunately his planned was foiled before getting to sabotage the Colonists because of the capture of the middleman between Arnold and the British. Patrick Henry was also a prominent figure during the time. He was the one that coined the phrase “Give me liberty or give me death.” He strongly supported for the colonists to have the right to bear arms. He was also the leader in every protest fighting for the rights of the colonists. He served the colonists for thirty years doing all he could to give us the rights he thought that we deserved. George Wythe was a man that not everyone has heard of in our day but during his time he was very famous. He was the teacher of Thomas Jefferson and played a large role in helping mold our country. Wythe designed the first Virginia constitution and also helped create the seal of Virginia. He held many prestige positions during his life including first college law professor and being the attorney general. Unfortunately, he shared the fate of most great men of the time; a relative who was trying to inherit his belongings poisoned

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