Don 't Blame The Eater Essay

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Many people believe that you are a product of your environment, and that you don’t have any choices in what you believe or the paths that you take in life. I believe that you make your own choices in life, and can really be successful in any situation if you set your mind to it. You are your own person, and can make your own decisions. Throughout the readings you can see this over and over again. In “Don’t Blame the Eater” you see a young man make positive choices in his life after being dealt a bad set of cards. In the story “The (futile) Pursuit of the American Dream” shows that even when you do everything right and follow exactly what everyone tells you to do that you can still end up without a job. In the story “Everything that Rises Must converge” you can see that even though your parents have certain ideals and beliefs, that you can form your own values and beliefs. You can be successful with any situation that you are dealt if you set your mind to it, and make positive choices. This day in age obesity and diabetes are a huge problem in the United States. Many people are turning to parents as the problem, and I do agree that to some degree parents could feed children healthier food, but at the end of the day it’s your own personal choice to not do anything about your weight or health. It’s like buying a fast car, the car has the ability to drive very quickly, but it’s your choice on whether or not to put the pedal down. It’s the same with eating. In “Don’t Blame the…

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