Domestic Violence Tolerated By Females Within The Hispanic / And Chicano Household

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Domestic Violence (Why is Domestic Violence tolerated by females within the Hispanic/Latino/ and Chicano household?)

28 year old, Francisco, grew up in an unexpected life of violence. As he grew up and matured with the help of a single mother, two brothers and a sister, he soon began to understand everything had to be done by his own hands. No attention from either of his family members caused depression and interest in danger and pain. Roaming around the streets of Los Angeles and later moving to Pomona he met quite a large amount of people. Though they were not the best of acquaintances, Francisco learned to live with, gangsters. Within his high school years everything was a hustle, family, education, work, he though he couldn’t handle the pressure placed on his shoulders, and he soon came to a decision of dropping out of high school. At the age of 27 he met a tall Hispanic woman, named Teresa, 23 years of age, they became close friends and sooner than later they became more then sexually involved. A Few months later, both Francisco and Teresa discovered the results of a positive pregnancy test done by Teresa’s doctor. This caused joy to both of them, young love sprouting. Announcing this to her family, which had not approved of Francisco, caused great shock and disappointment. Everything seemed to be going steady between this couple, they had moved in, thought of marriage, kept in contact with families and their problems between the families had cleared up.…

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