Domestic Violence, Mental Health, And Family Court Essay

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Locally there are drug, domestic violence, mental health, and family court. Drug courts are judicially supervised court dockets that handle cases of non-violent substance-abusing offenders under the adult, juvenile, family and tribal justice systems. Domestic violence courts generally coordinate with community partners that provide services for victims of domestic abuse. Mental health court means a judicial program that provides a specialized docket for defendants with mental illnesses. Mental health court makes decision about the state of mind of people charged with criminal offences. Family court handles cases involving domestic issues such as divorce and child custody. Criminal court empowered to hear and decide on cases involving offenses against criminal law. I believe specialized units can provide for the victim and/or offender and provide support for their stane. A prosecutor can become intimately involved in each case (Walker, 2015). Key facts of the case are not lost as a case is passed from one group of attorneys to another. Prosecutors are more likely to become involved in each case and with the victims (Walker, 2015). Also, suspects are less likely to negotiate to a much lesser charge. Another benefit is that the crime victim gains comfort from dealing with only one stepney through the case (Walker, 2015).
The use of mental institutions as a confinement facility for those with mental health issues is not a loophole (Walker, 2015). Very few defendants even try…

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