Domestic Violence Is No Most Rare Occurrence For Young Women 's Stars With Vintage Vibes And Soft Vocals

1232 Words Mar 30th, 2016 null Page
In America, “nearly 5.3 million intimate partner victimizations occur annually against…women over 18” (Kintera). Domestic violence is no rare occurrence for young women, particularly in the target audience of singer Lana del Rey. Del Rey sings melodical tunes, paying homage to 1960’s stars with vintage vibes and soft vocals, that portray vivid adventures and lavish lifestyles. Recently, she has been criticized for her lyrics saying that she glorifies domestic violence based on select phrases in, namely, one of her songs. When looking at one individual phrase as singular, it may give the appearance of her glorifying a negative experience; but, when looking at her entire song and album in a more collective sense, it is apparent that she is showing the struggles of women and girls in a culture where abusive relationships and domestic violence are extremely common. Most readily, only brave recollections by individuals who get out of abusive relationships are viewed as important, as they are portrayed as inspirational. The accounts of those who are still victims are not as easily available or as commonly accepted. However, the role of the abused and their psychological state is just as important as the success stories of someone who was a victim. By giving the first person account of a victim in an abusive relationship, Del Rey is not glorifying the life of a victim, but instead showing the reality of what the life for a victim is like. For American Women of dating age,…

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