Domestic Violence In The Workplace Case Study

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Domestic violence is in this situation were an employee suffers an assault on the job, which was the case in the study. An effective measure of how to deal with situations like this should be set-up by the Human Resource (HR) department. Policy and procedures are guidelines that the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) administrators instruct the HR office to compliant with. The OSHA division is a regulatory agency that mandates that all business provide a safe and hazard free work environment to its employees.
In the memorandum that was referenced, it points out how legislator can offer changes to help navigate issues that relate to domestic violence in the workplace. It states that the duality of domestic violence influences both the
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(2009), domestic violence is prevalent in the workplace and accounts for billions of dollars being spent for medical treatment that are the result of domestic violent attacks. The writer also states that nearly a third of loss work hours are reported for more that half of the documented claims on file, which are predominantly females. For example, If an employers does not improvise by helping the employee to safety that the inaction may cause more harm than the initially event itself, so do something. Therefore, employer can play a vital role in helping the victims who suffer from such violent acts. The article offers a couple of proposal, which include OSHA, and FMLA. Next, I will discuss what OSHA instructs employers how employers are to address domestic violence in the …show more content…
(2009) OSHA guidelines are in place for security measures that the employer can implement at the worksite. The writer states that the guidelines are practical tools that should be applied by the organizations HR department as standard procedures and policy rules. According to (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012) it is the responsibility of the human resource department to follow the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) standard to provide staff members a safe work environment. For instance, in order for the hospital to provide workable condition for its employees, there must be standard protocols to follow in the event of emergencies. Additionally, once OSHA has given these standards, the HR department should follow-up by providing literature and training program to all department heads. For example, the employee’s workstation and break room areas would be an idea place for posting memo and bulletin statement regarding safe office practice and OSHA protocols. Also, department managers should be given training manuals that are to be used for training staff workers. In closing, consistent company, behavior and practices can influence the worker behavior and action, which shows that the organization is an active participant and supports its staff members. Next, the FMLA has provisions in it that are aimed toward helping employee who has experienced traumatic

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