Domestic Violence And Its Effects Essay

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Domestic violence is a well-known social problem that affects men, women, and children but yet there isn 't much awareness/support for the victim(s) and the abuser. Domestic violence is not just physical; but emotional and mental as well. It affects not only the direct victim themselves but also their love ones: such as their children and family members that might or might not be aware of the problem. Domestic violence is a problem due to lack of the victim(s) reporting it, awareness/support for the victim(s), and not enough education on the issue to both the victim(s) and the abuser.
Research has shown how domestic violence rates just keep growing throughout the years no matter where you live or your background. Research also has shown the health consequences associated with domestic violence: from unwanted pregnancies, to depression/mental health issues, to possibly leading to death. But yet, it is probably safe to say, that the number of incidents being reported and follow through with a safe resolution is very low. We question ourselves many times as to why but we don 't take the time to find resolutions. If victim(s) felt they were safe to come forward; the number of incidents reported will rise. If victim(s) and family members/love ones were guarantee that a safety plan will be in place and there will be no danger/harm to them; the number of incidents reported will rise. But safety can 't be guarantee for sure and that is where we as social workers need to look at ways…

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