Domestic Violence And Abusive Relationships Essay

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It’s something people attempt to simply sweep under a rug and cover up. It’s a taboo topic that individuals avoid at all cost. The reality is that domestic violence and abusive relationships are serious and ever-increasing issues. Last year, South Carolina was ranked number one for domestic violence in the U.S (Kinnard 1). Therefore, we can clearly observe how prevalent the issue is. Individuals are in those abusive situations every single day, experiencing physical and emotional abuse that will affect them for the rest of their lives. According to @Winglessfly8, “A woman who experiences domestic violence of any kind is left with scars so deep that the recovery is very long, or doesn 't happen at all” (Why I Stayed). So the question remains why? Why do people, especially women, stay in those types of relationships despite the emotional and physical pain they suffer? By looking into “Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell and a few more recent resources, the reasons why women stay in abusive relationships today and why they stayed in the past can be easily determined.
One of the critical causes of women staying in abusive relationships is fear. While they are terrified of many aspects of the situation, one of the deeper heart fears is that no one will love them. They see the abusive relationship as the only form of love they will ever receive. If they leave their husband, they will never be “loved” by anyone ever again. This is the number one thing that humans desire…

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