Essay on Domestic Violence : An Issue That Affects Our People

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Domestic Violence Domestic violence is an issue that affects everyone in Canada, and although there have been many attempts to address the problem, both in the city of Calgary, and nation-wide, domestic violence continues, which is indicative of the need to modify to our responses to it. The collection and analysis of 20 news articles extending globally (Australia, Canada, America, United Kingdom) and spanning from 2003 to 2016 revealed common themes, trends and further perpetuated stereotypes surrounding domestic violence. Although there is up to a 13-year publication difference between some of the articles, all of the stories provided by victims are very similar in nature, and the same problems are continuously identified.
Common Themes The primary themes identified through the analysis of these media articles are that the justice system is failing victims of domestic violence, the stereotype that only females experience domestic violence is perpetuated through multiple of these articles as male victims are often ignored or their stories are discredited, and finally, the theme of the power and control offenders have over their victims. The failure of the justice system for victims of domestic violence is identified in almost all of the articles that were analyzed. Countless stories of offenders ignoring court orders such as Emergency Protection Orders, or restraining orders are prominent throughout these media articles. According to Young (2016), and offender by the…

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