Domestic Violence Against Women Is A Worldwide Hidden Problem

1431 Words Apr 28th, 2015 null Page
Americans today still believe that domestic violence against women is a worldwide hidden problem that few people tend to speak on. According to safe horizon,”One in four women will experience abuse during her lifetime”(Safe Horizon). Domestic violence involves the isolation of the victim, and continuous beatings and mistreatment towards the woman. Other forms of abuse include name calling, hitting, shaking and etc. One source says, “In a 1996 public opinion survey 47% of Americans believe that men sometimes physically abuse women because they are stressed out or drunk, not because they intend to hurt them.”(Ghez 344). Although, I agree with this statement to a point, I cannot accept this surveys complete opinion that men only beat women when they stressed out or drunk because men tend to put their hand on women to show how strong he may be and trying to control her life .Abuse can take place at any time or place and it can happen to anyone, but where does the line cross for it to come to a stop. We can always do more research about abusive behavior patterns and develop tactics for seeking the victims help, but will the suggestions in reality work and to what degree? The most unforgettable incident of domestic violence regarding the trial of former football star O.J. Simpson has shed light upon domestic violence towards women. The results of what happened to Mrs. Nicole Brown Simpson and all the abuse she underwent is indistinguishable to that of thousands of women who are…

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