Essay Domestic Violence : A Social Problem

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Domestic violence occurs all around the world irrespective of race, culture or social categories. The British Crime Survey (1996) reported that about 30 per cent of violent crime was domestic assault. Domestic violence is recognised when there is violent or aggressive behaviour within the home and which commonly involves the abuse of a spouse, a partner or even an ex-partner. This essay will explore the prevalence of male-to-female, or female-to-male domestic violence and whether one form presents more of a social problem than the other. Domestic violence can be displayed in many different forms. Violence means that someone abuses their power against another person: it can be an injurious physical force, action or treatment, but at the same time it can be rough vehemence shown through words and body language. The British Government defines domestic violence not only as being something that can be physical (which is usually the immediate response to the idea of domestic violence) but it can also be psychological, sexual, financial and emotional in nature. There are deep emotional scars created by domestic violence. Cooper and Vetere (2005: 1) summarise this wider viewpoint well, although it pertains to sexual violence in this example “Our understanding of sexual violence in family relationships was broad and included physical violence, sexual abuse, neglect, emotional abuse and other psychological abuse, including coercion, intimidation and verbal abuse.” A situation…

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