The Global Implications Of The Syrian Civil War

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One of the first things one learns in international politics is that domestic politics shapes international politics. This cannot be more true given the situation of the Syrian war. Despite originating as an uprising against autocratic rule, the Syrian civil war has transformed into a brutal proxy war. It not only gives the Middle Eastern region conflict through its mass destruction of cities and the death of thousands, but also to the questions it provokes about human rights and the power of people in the government. It also has global implications due to the rise of the terrorist group ISIL and the overwhelming amount refugees seeking shelter in European countries. The war is ongoing, making it a relevant issue to this day as it continues to expand. Due to the humanitarian crisis raised, this civil war, despite the actions of larger global powers, will not and cannot be solved militarily but must …show more content…
In 2013, chemical attacks were released on Aleppo, with the United States blaming Assad for the attacks. As the fighting continued, more allies came to the region to push their proxy agendas, but also more domestic players appeared as well. The Kurds, an ethnic group who has faced discrimination of decades, began to militarily insert themselves in the fray after being attacked by ISIL. Also becoming a dominant power in the next few years would be the terrorist organization ISIL. ISIL, a branch off from the terrorist group Al-Qaeda, focused on gaining land and power from anyone they could, whether it be the Kurds, Rebels, or Assad’s government. ISIL is arguably the more brutal actor in the Syrian Civil War. Videos of beheadings, threats of genocide, and international acts of terrorism have all been proudly claimed by this faction. The presence of this group what brought many international actors to the

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