Global Security

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A-) What elements assure or contribute to America’s global security?
As the leading power of today’s international system, The US have two important factors that assure her global security in today’s world. In my view, the more important of the two factors is the US naval power. Theorists like Alfred Mahan state that, if a nation wants to secure its borders and emerge as a respected power, then it should have a strong navy to control the seas. However, having a strong navy only does not mean that a nation is a naval power. In order to be considered as a naval power; a state also should have a strong naval tradition. The US has a strong naval tradition since her colonial days. The events like, the war of independence against
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In such economically interdependent environment, the possibility of great conventional wars between states are considerably low. Another result of this integration is, any security issue in one country, affects the other countries as well. In the example of Syria, the ongoing Civil War and its effects have affected the neighboring countries such as; Turkey, Iraq and Jordan. After that, it spillover to Europe as a refugee crisis and terrorism caused several security issues in there. In today’s international system, there are three important security problems and I think they are entwined each other: Illegal immigration, insurgence and terrorism. As it can be seen in the examples of Syria and Libya, insurgence movements can easily turn into a civil war, which creates a power vacuum and terrorist organizations easily exploit that situation and pose security threats not only against the country that has been suffering from a civil war, but against the neighboring first, and the other countries on the globe as well. Another effect of a civil war is illegal immigration. Destabilization and clashes result with the mass immigration of the civilians. However, the host states usually fail to determine who is civilian and who is terrorist. In addition, the mass immigration affects the internal security of the host country as well. In order to create a solid strategy against those international security threats …show more content…
In this context, the US’s global security is an important part of international security. However, the US’s situation is more important than the other states. As long as the US preserves its leading position in international system, its contributions to the international security will be important and crucial. As a superpower, the US can play a key role in building a common strategy against today’s existing threats against international security. In addition, the US can play an important role to prevent possible threats to international security such as; Ukraine and South China Sea contest by using her military might to deter the aggression. To sum up with the connection of the US’s global security and international security, a strong, secure and active US presence is essential to provide international security. The US’s contributions to today’s existing international security threats cannot be ignored. The world must need strong US to prevent possible international security threats and solve today’s international security

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