Domestic Drone Surveillance And The Privacy Of Citizens Essay

1025 Words Dec 6th, 2016 5 Pages
If the current regulations were fixed and basically flipped from how they are now it would do better for the United States economy, personal privacy, veteran treatment, and military success. If there were more regulations placed in terms of surveillance it would greatly help stress the importance of the fourth amendment and the privacy of citizens. People currently have problems with the National Security Agency spying on calls of the American citizens. Even though it is in a clear violation of the basic fundamentals the United States were founded on. However, drone surveillance takes this to an entire new level. Drones would be live recordings of peoples’ actions in the moment. This level of surveillance is much more personal and is not just voice but could also be video. Outlawing the use of domestic drone surveillance would solve this issue because the government outside of them military would have access to use drones and illegally spy on people. This will be the hardest step of drones to implement but it is still feasible because more people would see this as a violation of the fourth amendment compared to phone surveillance. This level of surveillance should definitely bring up red flags with people. Is giving this much freedom up really worth the small chance of stopping a domestic terrorist attack?
Military drone use should also increase as it could lead to less combats deaths and less deployed troops. The money saved could definitely be redistributed to support for…

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