Domestic Abuse And Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic abuse describes the act of a person who uses violence or manipulation to control someone else or to get what they want. The abuser is usually skilled in manipulation and deception, and uses things such as guilt, shame, intimidation, or fear to keep control over their partner. Some are even capable of making their victim think that there is nothing wrong, as if their reason for the way they acted was simply an outburst of rage and will never happen again. There are cases where victims are not even aware that what they are going through is abuse, therefore, do not try to seek help. Others can be completely aware, but because of different circumstances, they are unable to reach out. This can be because of tactics such as threats or blackmail to keep victims silent. In fact, according to abuse statistics by Safe Voices, “Most cases of domestic violence are never reported to the police.”

When people hear the problematic word ‘abuse’, an image of someone with bruises and physical injuries usually comes to mind. However, abuse is more than just broken bones and battered skin. Domestic abuse is not always simply physical. Physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, digital abuse, and stalking all fall under the spectrum of domestic abuse. Some people go through combinations of more than one type of abuse.
With this in mind, types of abuse such as emotional are not as easy to identify. Evidence for physical abuse are present to the eye; marks,…

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