Essay on Domestic Abuse And Domestic Violence

1085 Words Mar 8th, 2015 null Page
Domestic abuse is becoming a common occurrence today. Far too often, a partner decides to seize control over the other partner by domestic violence. Abusers tend to seize power through violence or even just the threat of violence, manipulation, and intimidation. Abusers make sure that their victim is dependent on them. When their victim feels helpless, it is harder for them to escape the abuse. Domestic abuse does not discriminate. Domestic violence can occur in any type of relationship including homosexual and heterosexual relationships. Men and women can both be victims of domestic abuse. Although, mainly women are the victims while the men are the perpetrators of domestic abuse. Every nine seconds, a woman is a victim of domestic violence while more than three women are murdered by their partners daily. Most people do not realize how prominent domestic violence is in our society today. Statistics from CORA show that one third of Americans are able to say that they know a woman who has been a victim of domestic abuse within the past year. One fifth of women in high school report experiencing physical or sexual abuse from a partner (CORA, 2014). Not only does domestic abuse affect people inside the toxic relationship, domestic abuse also affects the economy. According to CORA, it is estimated that domestic violence costs the national economy 8-10 billion dollars a year in medical bills and lost wages. If society knew the signs of domestic abuse, they could prevent this…

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