Ecological Niche Case Study

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Bio 2.3 Ecological niche
Three species that I studied 1.)Dolphin
2.)Great White Shark
3.)Emperor Penguin Animals need gas exchange for one main reason and that is to survive , all organisms need this gas exchange process to burn glucose for fuel which is a simple but important energy source that is a component of many carbohydrates. The respiratory system is where there is a series of organs taking in oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide ,Animal cells exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with their surroundings by diffusion across the outer coverings or membranes of cells this process is called respiration. Dolphin [Bottle Nose] Gas Exchange
The three main adaptations of the dolphins respiratory system is the Heart Lungs,and the Blowhole. Unlike other mammals dolphins breathe through a blowhole that is located on top of their head and can not breath underwater as they do not have gills like fishes do .Since the blowhole is on top of the head only a small portion of the head is required to break the
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Dolphins can eat up to 4 to 9 percent of their body weight daily which is normally 20-50 pounds for a normal size adult dolphin,They survive by swimming and living within groups and by eating furious foods that are found throughout the ocean which can consume a variety of aquatic organisms, including shrimp, fish and squid. However, their main food source varies depending on their geographical location. The dolphin can hear up to 1-150 kilohertz and can do this by hearing wavelengths. This is more than a human being who can hear up to 0.2 to 17 kilohertz. The bottlenose dolphin can live up to 40 years and there size is estimated between 8 feet [2.5m], their weight is between 200-300kgs [440-660

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