Effect Of Metabolism On Goldfish Metabolism

Caffeine Impact on Goldfish Metabolism
Metabolism is a process that enable organisms to maintain their life. Metabolism can be measured in numerous parameters. Within this experiment in order to measure the metabolism rate by determined the level of dissolved oxygen. Goldfish is an example of poikilotherm that are organisms that are influenced by the environment surrounding them. Thus, the manipulation of surrounding can influence the metabolism rate due them being ectotherms. However, fish can build up tolerances and can acclimate to different environments with varying oxygen levels (Prosser, C. L. et al, 1957). Through acclimation, the fish have developed tolerance to hypoxia and by its oxygen consumption as a function
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The warm up of the probe is done through the LoggerLite program under the file metabolism experiment. The chamber needs to be filled with 200 mL fish water while the probe is calibrating. During the probe calibration, weight a separate container with 200 mL fish water on the analytical balance. Then obtain two similar sized goldfish and weight the goldfish with the analytical balance already tare with the weight of the container and 200 mL fish water. Record down the weight of the 2 goldfish. Transfer everything from the container into the chamber. Close the chamber by pushing the cap until there is some water leaking out on top in order to get rid of the bubbles. Let the goldfish acclimate to their environment for at least 3 minutes before measurements are …show more content…
Click on the Collect button to collect measurements of the chamber. Let the recording of measurement for 30 to 60 seconds before clicking the Stop button stop the test run. Clear the test run before conducting the trial one. Repeat the whole process again for the control run, but for 10 minutes. During the run, note down the goldfish behavioral activity. For the experimental rule, replenish the deoxygenated fish water with caffeine fish water to investigate the influence that caffeine can have on the fish metabolism. Take out around 100 mL of deoxygenated fish water from the chamber. Dissolve 50mg of caffeine tablet within 100 mL of fish water. Make sure that the caffeine tablet is dissolved finely by stirring the solution with a rod. Add in the caffeine-treated fish water into the chamber replacing the fish water that was taken out. Follow the procedures described for the control run to take down the D.O. measurements. For the second trial, is the repeat of the first trial the only difference is the subjects. The goldfish need to be switch out with new goldfish that haven been expose to caffeine in order to eliminate the factor of chronic exposure of caffeine could potentially have on the metabolism rate. Since this experiment focuses on acute caffeine

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